Here we are, another website to bring you mind shattering weight-loss information you were too busy hiding under a rock to hear.

There’s this revolutionary new secret that you don’t know!

And when you find out, it will change your life and help you (somewhat) magically lose 30 pounds!

In 2 weeks!

And there’s these 5 foods that will give you ripped abs tomorrow!


Okay not seriously.

Hopefully you haven’t actually been hiding under a rock all this time and know that weight-loss is much more than just some secret potion and a bunch of non-maintainable gimmicks that will either not work at all, or won’t last.

In fact most of the relevant information that you need to know in order to lose weight is already out there, and in abundance.

Yet people continue to struggle with weight, both in losing it and keeping it off. Despite all this abundance of information people are more confused than ever – I still regularly come across those who don’t even know what a carb, a protein or a fat is!

It is this continued lack of understanding that made me decide to start this website.

I’m blown away by how little people understand about the information related to their bodies and I am worried about the misapplication of the information, having seen some of the sometimes disastrous effects.

After all… a little bit of knowledge is truly a dangerous thing.

When it comes to weight, the body and self image, even those who understand the information can struggle with the long term application of it, because we are complex creatures driven by many different motivations. If all aspects of a person are not addressed, people will struggle with weight even once they have all the information, sometimes even more so than when they understood nothing about it.

I have been a Personal Trainer for 10 years, a Fascial Stretch Therapist for 4 years and was a teacher to Personal Trainers for 2 years. I have worked privately with individuals, I have done in-home live in diet and training counsel, I have worked in giant gym chains – in short, I have been in every kind of environment and come across every time of person you can imagine. I have had my own weight struggles, and in the process of developing this website have encountered many adventures.


Most of all I am just a regular person, wanting to live the fullest life possible and hopefully elevate as many others to do the same.

All of this experience has elevated this endeavor  from a mere Personal Training money pit website, where I rope you in with shiny pictures and big promises to something that I hope will be a revelation for you, as much as it has become for me.

In this website I am going to give you all the necessary details – how to eat, what’s what, de-mystify the BS, how to train and how to prompt your body to be the best it’s ever been.

But there is more – I aim to bring you into my adventures around the world as the AnywhereBody takes shape, I hope to help you live your best version of your life, in the best version of your body, and at least help you realize that you are not alone in your struggle, that you are not hopeless and that greatness is possible. Life is about more than calories, carbs and fat, but it is a lot more fun when those things are working in your favour and not against you.

Do I have your attention? Are you ready to make some changes? Because you will have to work, you will have to participate, and you will have to be accountable – but I promise that if you do and if you are, you are about to begin the best part of your life thus far. It’s a big promise I know…we better get started now ;)

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