One of the comments many of my clients always made to me, once they started adhering to the plan I laid out for them, is how easy it was to lose weight.

They had come to see weight loss as a struggle, a punishment and felt that their body was against them in some way and that weight loss was going to be an epic battle every step of the way.

When the weight would inevitably start melting off they were always stunned at how fast and easy it seemed. I had one client who in our intake interview remarked that she had never lost more than 5 or 10 pds in all the times she had attempted dieting.

She lost 15 pounds in her 14 day reset period (as she had 50 pounds to lose hers was longer than most).
The reality is this – weight loss is easy. It really is. It is a sum of actions that are fairly simple to figure out if you spend a little bit of time learning about your body and how it functions. If you repeat those actions daily, you WILL lose weight.
What is not easy is dealing with our minds. If you have gained and lost weight on more than one occasion, I can be fairly certain that you have ingrained some unhealthy thinking patterns into your mind that are now causing you difficulty in losing weight

It’s worth repeating – it’s not your body, it’s your mind.

It is telling you stories to throw you off your path, it changes your moods that influence your behaviour, it even warps the image that you see in the mirror to change your perception of what is actually there.

Often people say that there is some sort of physical ailment that is keeping them from losing weight – I have worked with all kinds of clients, from those with no thyroid to those with PCOS and other ailments, and when they stuck to plan, they ALL lost weight. Your body is on your side. Your mind may not be.

And so for me this is the most important tab on the whole website. If you are committed to making a long term, real change in your body, your weight and in your life you can not just change your eating and exercising habits. You MUST change your mind too.

Start to examine all the stories you tell yourself, all the ways you sabotage yourself so that when you have reached your goal you don’t start the all too familiar slide back into old, bad habits. If you are willing to be honest, accountable and true to yourself this is very doable. It’s not easy, but absolutely necessary, and I hope the articles, blogs and posts in this section will help you along in this process as much as possible.

I look forward to your thoughts and comments on this.

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