Just like food and nutrition, exercise has become a confusing subject matter, with many contradictory theories, stories, research and ideas.

Just like food and nutrition, I believe that many different things work for many different people and that only education and self experimentation will truly tell you what you need to do, to get the kind of body you want.

Having said that, in the beginning when people are a blank slate, I have found that most of the same things work for everyone to bring them out of the beginner state. No matter what the end goal was with most of my clients they generally all responded well to the same things in the outset of the relationship. In fact it became a bit tiresome having to repeat the same things over and over again, and I always dreamed of putting everything together in a recorded catalog so my clients had something to reference back to, which helped lead the way for them step by step.

Dreams do come true!

I am hoping that by having all of the information you need, readily available in an easy to use format, you will become a self sustaining, self intelligent client that I can send back into the world able to train by themselves for a long time, just like I did with my one on one clients.
I want you to learn the basics, become good at them, learn what it feels like to be strong, and also learn what works best for you to hit the goals you want. Fitness is truly a marathon and not a sprint, and the quicker you can settle into that idea the better and the faster you will reach your goals.

A lot of people want to rush ahead and tone the (insert jiggly body part here) as quickly as possible, but I promise you if you finally do this properly, you won’t have to worry about the jiggly body parts anymore.

So take a deep breath, get ready to learn and you will get the body of your dreams before you know it!

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