Welcome to the AnywhereBody!

The AnywhereBody was designed on the concept that despite a lot of information and many other sites and trainers out there, people still know frighteningly little about health, exercise and nutrition.

I am not a fitness model, part of a shiny magazine empire or shilling other brands – I am a normal person, with 10 years of Personal Training experience, and proven results that understands that losing weight isn’t just a simple equation of calories and calories out + exercise.

It’s about addressing the body and mind as a whole and empowering the person to live their best life possible!

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Through the AnywhereBody you will be able to:

  • lose weight safely, through effective proven methods
  • receive fun work-outs that you can do in most places, designed to strengthen
    and tone your body – not just from a visual perspective but a functional one as well
  • gain the body you’ve always wanted
  • get in tune with your body and learn how to keep it healthy for as long as possible
  • educate yourself about your body and your mind
  • learn how to keep weight off forever
  • stop self sabotage that keeps bringing lost weight back
  • gain constant support through our web forum
  • become part of this community and share different ways to help yourself and others
  • gain self confidence, self love and a new appreciation for life
  • get healthy recipes, meal ideas and nutrition information

Before and Afters


Anyone looking for help with their fitness goals or looking for a place to start? Nadia Was my trainer before she left for Mexico. She fixed my injuries from years of teaching fitness classes, helped improve my diet and taught me how to work out and maintain my fitness. Thanks to Nadia I’m fitter, stronger and leaner than ever before.
John S.
Training with Nadia was one of the most successful health improvement strategies I have ever experienced; besides making my workouts more intense and focused she changed the following other components of my efforts to find better health:
1. She had me continually improving my hydration levels before and during our workouts
2. She coached me on the right types and amounts of food(s) to eat after the various types of workouts I completed
3. She recommended that I prepare a food journal and took the time to review it with me in order to optimise my intake
4. She suggested that I see an acupuncturist in order to improve a particular posture issue
5. She took the time to communicate with that acupuncturist on my behalf on the posture issue she had been concerned about in the first place

In all of this disciplined process she managed to sneak in a bit of fun; so that I was motivated to keep coming back while the workouts got harder and harder!

Mark O.
I had basically destroyed my body for a decade through my twenties with crap eating, excessive eating, and minimal fitness. I had been to the hospital twice for serious stomach and head pains. I met Nadia with a commitment to change because I figured I was on the road to kill myself if I didn’t. I was kind of a skinny fat guy, with no arms, shoulders, chest, but a good sized gut. We immediately changed my diet. It was meat and veg for 2 weeks straight. No alcohol, no coffee, no dairy, and no starchy carbs. We completely cut wheat and dairy as we assume that was causing my headaches and stomach problems. Overall I had a completely clean diet for 3 months. There was a remarkable change in my gut, i lost all of the bloating and started to feel a lot better. I was like a blank slate as far as the workouts, and I put on muscle mass on my arms, shoulders, and chest quite quickly. I was with Nadia for 2 years and saw phenomenal gains. I left the country the same time Nadia went down to Mexico and we decided to start AnywhereBody together. My Internet marketing experience and her expertise shaping so many clients, I knew she could change so many more client’s lives if she adapted her program online. We’re both really excited to make AWB a success and build a community of people looking to make remarkable changes.
Nadia was my third trainer at the gym. Before working with Nadia I was struggling with the workout and the nutritional advice I was receiving. The trainers did not really take the time to understand my physical limitation and wanted me to drastically change my eating habits to foods I do not normally eat.
Also, Nadia had a more realistic approach to training and nutrition – she believes in making adjustments to what you currently and see what is contributing to the weight gain. She helped me realize that my body reacts much better to protein and not so well to carbs. I now incorporate more protein and reduce the carbs I eat.

Each session she challenged me and made adjustments for my limitations in my workout. I found her patient and understanding.

Nadia made me realize that it was not as impossible as I thought to reach my goal. I have lost weight and inches of my body – I can now see my hour glass shape!

I am grateful to Nadia for starting me out on my journey to my goal weight.

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NOTE: The AnywhereBody 8 Week Program is all included on the website with videos, photos, and written programs. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to all product components (no waiting or shipping costs!).

Obligatory disclaimer: The FTC requires us to specify what “typical” results are. The truth: most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero. The biggest factor is you. BUT, for those who actually USE the program, all of the success stories featured above are very typical in terms of results as they are based on my  in-person personal training programs. The testimonials above are from one-on-one clients I have worked with, thus the the testimonials came from clients who have not specifically completed the online AnywhereBody 8 Week Program.