As a result I also don’t have many pictures to show what I ate – I may one of the few adults left on the planet without a phone at the moment, and I am not a fan of carrying my Canon around with me.

I started my day with my frozen coffee and swapped out my almond milk for coconut electrolyte water. I have to say that one of the things I see being an issue with this vegan thing is how much Almond Milk I’ve been consuming – in my coffee and oatmeal. It is not really a natural substance and also quite expensive and if I were to continue this way of eating I would have to change some habits to make it unnecessary.

I also had a 0.5 Avocado, 1 TBSP Coconut Oil, 2 TBSP Flaxseed, 1 Cup Coconut Electrolyte Shake to go with it.

Shortly after that I had to leave the house to do some work on my music stuff – I don’t talk about it so much but I am also a DJ and play quite regularly here in Mexico. It’s my other passion and something I am pursuing in earnest…when I arrived to my friend’s house I was obviously starving because of my bad planning and grabbed a large salad on the go.

Again one of the negatives of this change that I have noticed is that it’s quite expensive to eat this way – it seems counter intuitive but because you need to eat so much all the time you go through vegetables and such quickly and keep having to buy more. I found myself going to the grocery market every other day and things like Quinoa are quite costly here. My salad that I bought on the go cost me about 6 dollars if converted, which is absolutely ludicrous.

It also didn’t tide me over that long so when I was on my way home, I grabbed a bag of mixed nuts and fruit to snack on.

I had a banana when I got home and called it a day after that.

On to Day 5!

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